Reasons to work with a production partner

You can’t be good at everything

I started my career as a contract distiller 5 years ago and I meet a lot of people, each one unique, approaching us with different ideas but the reason why they contact Spirits by Design is always the same: “We are good at some thing(s), but we need someone who is experienced to develop and produce my beverage”. Some clients are good in marketing or brand building, some can design a one-of-a-kind bottle, some come up with an innovative idea, some of them already have the recipe, some are born sales(wo)men, …
None of them ever claimed to be good at everything and that’s the perfect way to get somewhere in any business. If you are convinced that you can manage every layer of your (future) business, you are so wrong.
Unless you are some kind of a superhuman, you can’t be good at everything.

Earn more money by not producing yourself

I encourage you to do what you are good at and get better at it. You don’t need a producer if this is your expertise, but in any other case you do!
One of the biggest misunderstandings is thinking you save money by doing it yourself. On the long term this might be the case, once you sell big volumes and are able to hire a sales manager, but until then you should focus on sales in my honest opinion. The only way to build a brand and crank up your sales is to be active in the field.

Invest in sales and brand building

The investment in distilling equipment is high and goes further than just a still. You have to invest in: tanks, bottling line, lab equipment, storage, high voltage power supply, steam generator, shrink tunnel, … And of course you can keep everything affordable and use DIY solutions but it will never be as profitable as the installation at a specialised company.
The money you don’t spend on a production facility is the budget you can spend on social media, POS material, promotional events, sales promotions, samples, things that matter to boost your sales. No sales, no profit!

Dare to make the decision

The more you sell, the more time you need to spend in production. Time you don’t have in fact because you should be selling now. But hey, you are passionate, determined and willing to work long hours to obtain your target. Perfect! Keep that spirit, but keep it within your limits. Otherwise this is a story without a happy end. You will wake up tired and lose focus.
I encountered myself that you can’t do finances, production, marketing, sales, … all by yourself. Been
there, done (or at least tried to 😊) that. I used to work 70-80 hours a week to try to manage more than I could. And then I made a 180° turn. I decided to focus on production with Tailor Taste Distillery, sales with Albatross Liquors and export & consultancy with Spirits by Design.

Focus! You can’t be good at everything.
It feels so good to do what you’re good at!

Are you producing yourself AND in charge of sales/marketing? Do the math and be honest: every minute you spend in production is one minute you can’t hit the road and sell!

Still not convinced?

A shortlist of reasons why Spirits by Design will help you focus and grow:

  1. You can’t be good at everything.
  2. You think you save money, but in fact you’re losing sales and growth.
  3. First invest in the most important and most profitable: SALES.
  4. Ready to make the decision? Feel free to contact us! – 0032 56 960 322
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