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Our history

Tailor Taste Distillery was born out of the collaboration of 2 companies (Spirits by Design & Tailor Works)with the sole purpose: the creation and production of high quality and tasteful CUSTOMIZED DRINKS in the broadest sense of the word.

At Tailor Taste Distillery you can find the answer for contract distilling, customization in drinks and private label.

Michiel’s adventure started about 6 years ago with the idea of offering unique drinks, much as a star chef does with his gastronomic creations: fully customized as per the customer’s wishes, with the aim reaching for the ultimate tasting experience. That’s how a magic click came to be with Sommelier Counsel Tim Veys.

The Spirits Valley

As one of the only warm distilleries in West Flanders, located in a historic building ‘The Spirits Valley’. We guarantee craftsmanship and top quality, with respect for the ingredients and the customers’ expectations. Because of our many years in the industry, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver a fair and commercially stable product.

From development to production, we have everything under one roof without need of intermediaries. With the guarantee that our natural ingredients are sourced directly from the producer.

Ideal production partner

As a production partner for your concept, we are happy to offer you all necessary support to make your product shine.

In short, Tailor Taste Distillery is a flexible production partner, thinking along with the customer, with an eye for taste and quality.



Spirits by Design BV
Doorniksesteenweg 402
B-8583 Bossuit



    Spirits by Design BVBA – Production & Export

    Tim Veys
    (Sommelier Conseil – Université du Vin Suze-la-Rousse)
    CEO/Master Distiller
    Partner Albatross Liquors

    Partner Tailor Taste Distillery
    +32 56 960 322

    The Spirits Valley

    Caren Colman
    Management Assistant Spirits by Design
    CEO The Spirits Valley
    +32 56 960 322

    Tailor Taste Distillery

    Michiel D’Hondt
    Production Manager/Distiller
    CEO Tailor Taste Distillery

    +32 56 960 322

    Albatross Liquors – Distribution BE & events

    Thomas Geers
    CEO Albatross Liquors
    +32 470 93 82 26

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