The importance of TASTE

The importance of TASTE

Craft beverages are popular, extremely popular. Consumers are in for new stuff.
In our opinion this has something to do with the gin-hype and the wide range of styles and ingredients used in the past few years. People learned there is more to discover than the traditional brands.

New business models made it possible to expand with contract distilling.
Spirits by Design was the first Belgian company to offer this type of services. In the meantime some existing and new distilleries jumped on the train.

At Spirits by Design, we are confident we have everything, and more, in house to grow in the market of tailor-made beverages: passion, dedication, equipment, and the most important part: TASTE!

As far as we know our CEO Tim Veys is the only sommelier-distiller. For three years our master-distiller Tim trained his taste-buds at the Université of Wine (Suze-la-Rousse).
One of the most influencial teachers he met in the finals week at the university was sommelier, journalist and writer Mr. Olivier Bompas. That’s where Tim discovered taste is more than what your taste buds tell your brain.
Taste is a full experience: it is texture, aroma, mood, … and yes, the taste of something can remind you of someone or sometime.
Once you understand the importance of TASTE, your still is a tool to translate what you have in mind.

Experience and knowledge is the part that helps to translate what your clients have in mind.

It doesn’t matter if you are tied to the traditional copper still or you are confident a modern still is your perfect companion… if you don’t master TASTE, you will never be able to satisfy your clients to the full.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us!

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