This premium non alcoholic spirit is a true flavour explosion and will guarantee an apero-moment without any guilt! (or limit for that matter).

As you can see in the daring branding, there is a lot to discover in NUDO. A complex pallet of different sorts of spices, zests and flowers make sure this spice and citrus based n.a drink is worth your while!
But of course the product itself wouldn’t mean anything without its use. This mixer can be used in lots of ways.


The Butcher’s Gin is the first gin based on Secreto 07, delicious tender and flavorsome dry aged beef that is rubbed with a secret mixture of herbs and spices.

Tasting note The Butcher’s Gin is a spicy, characterful gin that is best enjoyed with Schweppes premium pink pepper tonic, garnished with a lemon zest, a pinch of pepper and fresh basil leaves.

Have you ever had a taste of madness?
Think of an awakening forest. Breathe it in. The scent of Crazy Monday. It is where the magic begins. An army of elves throwing a party in your nose and melting into a dance of folly in your mouth. Lavishly sprinkling around citrus and herbs, lightning bonfires within. And then, whoosh, the dance of the butterflies.

Crazy Monday is liquid madness. This gin’s got balls. It’s made in Belgium and totally bonkers. In order to drink it, you need tonic and a twisted mind. It tastes insane, but have no fear: insane is the new normal. Let it take you to where the party’s at. It’s Crazy Monday time.

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Near the Belgian coast the dunes give a rich environment for particular botanicals, one of these is the Hippophae Rhamnooides or Sea Buckthorn berry. This rich berry blends it into his favourite drink. On the nose it has the refreshing smell of sea berry mixed with the juniper berries. The very typical sweet-sour taste of the berries is well balanced in the mouth and is supported by a complex mix of herbs and spices.

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Gilliam's Gin Logo

“The Golden Apple” is a handcrafted premium gin and contains 9 separately distilled botanicals.

Juniper berries, Japanese Fuji and Belgica apples are the leading  ingredients.  Not less than 23 kg apples are used to produce 100 litres of gin. With tasting notes of Indian cinnamon and Spanish lemon, The Golden Apple is very accessible and perfect balanced. We are convinced that GILLIAM’S GIN will stay in people’s mind as refreshing and innovating.

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Bottle Gilliam's Gin

Seven carefully selected botanicals, including galanga root and lemon thyme gives Ginger its unique character.
In this fresh gin you discover notes of coriander, faint spicy results of ginger, cardamon, dryness of angelica and complexity of lemon thyme. The high concentration of essential oils makes the gin cloudy under the influence of ice.

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Nine carefully selected botanicals, including lavender and laurel give Ginius its unique character. In this robust gin you discover fresh notes of grapefruit and lime, subtle floral results of lavender, black pepper heat, dryness of angelica and complexity of laurel.The high concentration of essential oils makes the gin cloudy under the influence of ice.

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Culinary gin made for Michelin star chef ‘Kristof Marranes’ from Ter Leepe*.

Premium Marine gin from distilled lobstar with Parsley and lemongrass.

“Gin just took another twist”
A unique gin has been created at what is most likely to be Belgium’s oldest distillery. As jenever, the original inspiration for gin, was first distilled in Belgium, Meyer’s Gin creates a new evolution in the world of gin.

A unique class of its own: First Class!
The Hardy kiwi looks like a grape but tastes like a ripe kiwi – aromatic and fruity. The addition of the kiwi berry to the gin’s recipe lifts its flavour to unknown heights, and gives the gin its very soft and smooth character. It’s a party in the glass and on the palate, and is handcrafted by our master distiller.

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“White asparagus in a bottle!”
For the first time in history, asparagus can also be enjoyed in the glass. This premium gin, created and produced by Spirits by Design, is yet again unique in the history of Belgian gin distilling, and prides itself on the fine aroma of asparagus on the nose, and its exquisite taste on the palate.
The gin world has never been more diverse and elaborate than today. As a result, a gin must do the unexpected in order to be noticed. And M2 certainly does take everyone by surprise. Moreover, this new gin, which pays tribute to the Flemish asparagus, blows everyone away. The M2 is culinary daring and a top product in the glass.

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O'live Gin logo

Of course, it’s the Mediterranean olives that make O’live GIN such a special gin. But there’s more! Contrary to most gins, O’live GIN is made with corn alcohol, which complements the olives’ rich flavour beautifully.


O’live GIN is a fully-distilled gin, meaning the corn alcohol is distilled along with the pitted and dehydrated olives, juniper berries and other botanicals. During the creation of this very special gin, no additives or extracts are used. All ingredients are combined in just the right quantities to create the unique O’live flavour.


The delicate yet rich flavour of this special gin makes it a versatile spirit. You can enjoy it straight, in a classic Gin & Tonic or in a delicious cocktail. But that’s not all! O’live GIN is very well suited for cooking. Whether you use it in your salad dressings or your marinades, O’live adds a touch of class to your favourite dishes.

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O'live Gin - Gin reinvented

Seapearl is a gin made for Christof Malysse from Lobster Fish. This unique piece of work resulted in a silty gin with Salicornia and green sea berry as main botanicals. The finish has a citrus crispiness from lemongrass. Lobster fish didn’t spare any effort at all to make their bottle unique… Every bottle contains a pearl.

Rock-Fort boys, Hermes Vanliefde and Peter Laloo, joined together their passion for tomato’s and gin in a bottle.

This gin will swipe you of your feet and take you directly to the Mediterranean sun. Aroma of rosemary, juniper, coriander, cardamom, black pepper and off course… Tomato’s!!

A classic juniper berry based gin made for ‘Angel’s share’ in Leuven. The funny thing about this gin is that it is developed to be aged in a peaty Laphroaig barrel cask. Working with the classical gin botanicals didn’t stop us from giving a twist to this one… By using white sesame as special ingredient, we can provide a very round and long aftertaste.

In fact, this is ‘D’s Neatgin’ barrel aged on a Laphroaig cask. So, first the barrels are used by Maker’s Mark Bourbon, then they go to Laphroaig for their peated whisky and then they come to us. This results in a juniper berry style gin with a half peaty nose (smoky) and in the mouth, we have a round and full gin with hints of peat and a white sesame finish.

The story goes:
‘When gin meets whisky
Heaven meets Earth
The perfect marriage between
Flanders inventivity and Scottish tradition
A perfect Flemish gin finished
In a peaty cask

Holy Water Gin logo

A pharmacist accidentally created this candy in 1873. Hard on the outside but creamy on the inside.
It is currently known as a delicacy from Belgium.
There are no preservatives used in the production as the candy is to be eaten within 10 weeks, otherwise it will crystallize on the inside.
Arabic gum from the Acacia tree and raspberry delivers the very refined taste and purple colour.

Holy Water Gin is based on this purple candy, also known as “noses”. It is playfull and sweet without being sticky. It’s a must try!

Holy Water Cuberdon Gin

B1863 is made for HoReCa Blankenberge. It is a fresh gin with a silty taste, the main botanicals are Kaffir Lemon & Salicornia. The name of the gin en the picture of the branding is referring to the growth of Blankenberge city in the 19th century. Thanks to the brand-new railway track that was built from Bruges to Blankenberge in 1863. B1863, a bottle with history!


Albatross Liquor logo

Albatross is a sweet and sour fruit liquor based on fresh blackberries and Italy’s biggest lemons. Extra complexity is given by grain alcohol. All naturaly produced in Belgium, this premium liquor was constructed by hundreds of people (with enqueries) who made a recipe that was accesible to a very large group of people with different tastes.

The possibilities are endless because of the sweet and sour combination: people enjoy it a lot with on ice and a slice of lemon. With bubbles or dry white wine as adjetif and in premium cocktails such as the ‘Sweet hype’ cocktail with gin and ginger ale.

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Albatross Liquor
Gingerlo logo

Gingerlo is the first Belgian ginger liqueur. The ingredients are subdivided into groups and then subjected to a four-week maceration process.
This is a purely physical process in which the botanicals are exposed to organic alcohol for 4 weeks in order to obtain the natural taste per ingredient. After maceration, these are filtered and finally assembled together.
Enjoy a 100% natural ginger liqueur!

Gingerlo Ginger Liquor
Hana logo

A Fruit Cup is an alcoholic beverage designed to be made into a highball with the addition of a soft drink. Garnished with fruits to be served as a cocktail.
The combination of different fruits and herbs give each Fruit Cup it’s unique, specific taste.
HANA Cherry Blossom Fruit Cup revolutionizes this category as a premium and 100% natural Fruit Cup.
HANA Cherry Blossom Fruit Cup is not colored with artificial coloring. That’s why de bottle is being wrapped, to protect the beautiful velvet red from deterioration under the influence of UV-light.

Hana fruit cup
Hierbas Colinas logo

When visiting Ibiza for the first time the founders of Hierbas Colinas reconnected with a Belgian friend living on the magical Island. Enchanted by the beauty of the Colinas Anibal region the idea slowly took shape to create an own Hierbas with a Belgian twist.

Hierbas Colinas rose from the shadows of the Belgian Pays de Collines(colinas) region in collaboration with a young and ambitious distillery.

Pure and simple herbs are being used to flavour our beloved Hierbas. We believe in a natural production as no additives or dyes are used to produce Hierbas Colinas.

Hierbas Colinas a balearic flavoured Belgian Hierbas deriving its name from a region in Ibiza and Belgium.

Kick off your shoes, put your feet up, lean back and enjoy a glass of Hierbas Colinas on the rocks!

The Natural Limoncello logo

The Natural Limoncello is a flavor explosion made with the zest (top of the peel) of bio-lemons from Sorrento (Italy). We give extra complexity and depth with spices. Maceration takes 2 weeks minimum and is mixed every day for flavor binding. Our syrup is made with fructose and feels a lot less sticky in the mouth then sucrose or glucose. And.. it contains half the calories! The fine Limoncello has an ‘Il Collarino’ etheric oil bubbles from the peel of the lemon in the neck of the bottle. This fine layer of oils is the perfect indication of the high quality and natural character!

Limoncello is mainly used as after-dinner drink. 3-5cl poured over ice can be the perfect end of a wonderfull evening. But Limoncello-tonic is on the rise! This magestic fresh aperitif is simple, and extremely flavourfull!

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The Natural Limoncello
The Natural Orancello logo

Our Natural Orancello is based upon organic South African oranges and supporting spices, a wonderful classic innovatively interpreted.
In the same artisanal manner as our Natural Limoncello, the zest is carefully removed and macerated.
This gentle digestif beautifully carries the sweet orange hues and goes a step further than the classic limoncello tale.

The Natural Orancello

RTD - Ready to drink

Babbu - Cheeky and fruity

Pure fruit with a little twist

In Babbu we bring together the best of the summer! The sweet bliss of watermelon and the fraîcheur of sour apple, combined with a hint of vodka, surprise you time and again. Balanced into a delicious drink that tastes great with every occasion. Drink Babbu at home, in the (summer) bar or at a party and turn small moments into great memories! Bottoms up!

BABBU packshot
GinUP Pink logo


GIN UP! PINK, a cocktail of a premium gin and tonic, is ideal for serving at events, festivals, private and corporate parties, as well as at sports events, etc.
Having the perfectly balanced blend of gin and tonic in a single bottle makes GIN UP! very easy to serve in an instant, yet still guarantees the same delightfully refined flavour.

GIN UP! is a combination of Belgian artisan distilled gin and a customised premium tonic. GIN UP! gin and tonic contains 17 botanicals, including laurel as one of the main ingredients, in addition to juniper berries, coriander, cardamom, iris root, angelica, black pepper, lime and sage.
GIN UP! PINK has a surprising fresh grapefruit flavor. Truly the best party-drink. In short: every gin-lover will find what they are looking for!

GIN UP! and enjoy the perfect gin tonic



Ghost in a Bottle Double Aged Rum

GHOST  IN  A  BOTTLE – RUM  5Y  is a blended rum from Trinidad & Tobago. It has been aged in oak bourbon barrels for 5 years.

This pure golden rum shows hints of tropical fruit on the nose, like pineapple, peach & coconut and it has plenty of spiciness.

It finishes rather dry with a very rich and long aftertaste. It’s a complex and well balanced rum.

Enjoy it neat as a sipping rum or get inspired by our shaking ideas


GHOST  IN  A  BOTTLE – RUM  DOUBLE  AGED  is a blended rum from Trinidad & Tobago. It was aged for 5 years in the caribbean and got a final aging in the cellars of ghost in a bottle.

This very fine double aged rum shows hints of dates, tobacco leaves, vanilla & caramel.

It finishes smooth and has a long and velvety aftertaste. It’s a complex and well balanced rum that you can enjoy neat as a sipping rum!

Ghost in a Bottle Rum 5 years

We are proud and excited that after intense research, refinement and tasting,
we can finally release our N°01 premium spiced rum.

This unique blend -agedforupto8years- from Barbados and Trinidad is a deliciously decadent treat. Enhanced with premium spices,
a hint of vanilla and cinnamon, a touch of orange, a blend of coffee and cacao, and other secret ingredients. No other rum spans such a spectrum of exotic flavours. A must-have experience for your taste buds!

ROCKHOPPER rum - Meet me on the rocks

ROCKHOPPER is a 5 year old blend, straight from the ex-bourbon barrels, originating in Panama, Dominican Republic and Guatemala. The aging has only been done on old bourbon barrels.

Of course, Rockhopper is intended to be experimented with… But, the whole idea behind this fantastic rum is to get people to start enjoying rum PURE again.
That’s why every Rockhopper giftpack comes with a branded glass, cooling stones & a jigger. Freeze the cooling stones, put 3 of them in a glass and serve some Rockhopper on top of them, sit back, relax and enjoy this
smooth, balanced & rich taste.



Geers vermouth logo

Geers semi sweet red vermouth is made from the Airén grapeinfused with more than 50 different spices, fruits and herbs. The aromas are sultry with notes of orange zest, cinnamon, clove, dried fruits, walnuts, nutmeg. Sucrose is used as sweetener, providing a fine balance.
Perfect as a mixer, but also enjoy it pure on the rocks!

Geers vermouth red bottleshot



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Spirits by Design BVBA – Production & Export

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Albatross Liquors – Distribution BE & events

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